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  • Bodyguard Slim Pink Dog Repellant

DOG SPRAY, also known as DOG REPELLENT, is a spray used to deter a dog in an undesirable situation. Many other products are labelled as dog repellent and have very different uses and results. 

BODYGUARD™ Dog Repellent is a pepper based formula which temporarily impairs an aggressive dog from attacking humans and their pets.

When threatened by a dog, point and spray at the dog's eyes, nose and mouth in short bursts. The burning effects can last for 30 minutes or more. 

Dog repellent contains capsaicin (the active ingredient of pepper) and causes immediate irritation and burning of the eyes, nose, airways and skin after contact occurs.

*For use in an aggressive encounter with a dog only*


  • PROTECTION  while walking, running, and cycling.
  • Also, suitable for use by delivery personnel and animal care workers.
  • STRONGEST FORMULATION permitted in Canada.
  • Bodyguard dog spray contains 0.50% Capsaicin plus 0.36% related major capsaicinoids. Total Strength : 0.86%
  • EASY USE with a quick press and release actuator button.
  • Spray at the angry dog's face in quick bursts for maximum effect.
  • DURABLE compact and lightweight design.
  • COMPACT size and weight makes it easy to hold in one hand, and fits easily in bags, on leashes, and in running belts.

Size:  20g

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Bodyguard Slim Pink Dog Repellant

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