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  • Excalibur Firebolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows - 3 Pack

Excalibur’s exclusive FireBolt Carbon Arrows are designed specifically to deliver optimum speed and accuracy with high performance recurve crossbows when using broadheads. Developed in cooperation with Easton,® FireBolt Carbon Arrows feature a flatback (no nock) insert for more more reliable string contact, reinforced spines and 4″ vanes.

Excalibur’s exclusive FireBolt arrows are made specifically for the EXO-Traditional series crossbows. The FireBolt carbon arrows are 20 inch long and feature 4 inch vanes and they are spined for the speeds you get with Excalibur’s EXO-Traditional crossbows. A heavier front insert increases front-of-centre weight for unparalleled accuracy. Arrows weigh 265 grains.

FireBolt arrows also feature a flatback insert which means no need for nocks which gives you much more reliable contact with the string.

Firebolt carbon arrows come equipped with Burt Coyote’s (.3015 dia. EXCF) Lumenok illuminated insert professionally installed. The Lumenok is activated by the acceleration force placed on it when shot from a crossbow. The lighted insert aids the shooter by providing an illuminated path to the target and will assist in arrow location.

Excalibur makes the brightest, longest lasting, most durable lighted arrow nocks on the market. All others are imitations. 

No more lost arrows!

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Excalibur Firebolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows - 3 Pack

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